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Where Ambode Missed It Again

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Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode lured President Muhammadu Buhari to the State last week to commission some projects, making it through second time this will happen in less than a year.

This is a record setting assignment but with so many irregularities. How I wish the governor had completed all the projects that were hurridly commissioned by the President.

There were four projects in all, the Lagos-Oshodi Murtala Mohammed International Airport, the Ayinke Maternity Hospital, the Eko Theatre and Oshodi Modern Interchange.

These are giants projects but none of it has been completed, yet they were inaugurated by President Buhari on Wednesday.

Recall that the president commissioned a mega bus terminal in Ikeja some months ago. The terminal looks like a monument now.

Perhaps it will come to life with the 820 buses that the president also commissioned along these four projects last week.

But, why the rush to commission uncompleted projects if this government is a continuum as posited by the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC)?

The incoming Governor of the State, Jide Sanwo-Olu will have a lot to do, especially on the Oshodi interchange, which is half done.

To have a quality Oshodi interchange that can stand the traffic pressure of Lagos, the incoming government will not only budget extra billions of naira but will spend more time to build this mega infrastructure.

Sad that Ambode has hurridly inaugurated these projects, perhaps to show that he had worked and deserved a second term. He must have also done this to tell members of the public how prudent he had been in the discharge of his duty for four years.

As a matter of fact, his immediate predecessor, Babatunde Fashola rose to become a super minister after two terms of quality administration that put Lagos in the global reckoning.

Has he commissioned uncompleted projects to revealed the propagandist agenda of APC so that he can win a ministerial post like Fashola.

Simply put, I can say that Ambode was only trying to impress Buhari for a ministerial appointment and thought that the best way to convince the president was by showcasing some big but uncompleted projects for inauguration a few weeks to his handing over.

To me, the inauguration of these projects had renewed the hostility between Ambode and many of the APC Chieftains in Lagos, including the incoming Governor, Sanwo-Olu.

Of course, Sanwo-Olu graced the inauguration, it was a honour he had to give President Buhari but not Ambode.

The National leader of APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu refused to present at the inauguration. He did not even send a representative.

All the senator-elects, the Federal lawmaker-elects, the incoming members of the house of assembly and local government chairmen did not show up.

They had earlier protested against the commissioning of uncompleted projects by the State government but the governor would not listen. The emperor did the last assignment to make a mockery of his party (APC).

Except for the Eko Theatre and Ayinke, none of the projects would be put to use soon. May Sanwo-Olu not act like Ambode who abandoned some of Fashola’s projects, these uncompleted ones need a serious touch of the incoming government.

Then the question of integrity comes up. Is this how to start the next level that the ruling APC promised Nigerians?

Must Ambode inaugurate these projects because he would cease to be the governor from May 29?

And despite this impromptu inauguration, Buhari commended Ambode, saying the governor had performed satisfactorily well.

Whither the excellence in Lagos?

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