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Where Are The Herdsmen As Campaign Kicks Off?

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Nigeria News takes a look at the gradual disappearance of killer herdsmen as the political campaign begins.

As the political campaign kicked off on Sunday, one of the issues the Federal Government will have to quickly address is the security.

Political rallies in this part of the world breed thuggery. Those that will be used by politicians are always around. They were used as killer herdsmen and now that campaign is at hands, these Janjaweed will surface in the cities to support their paymasters.  

The bloodthirsty marauders suddenly went silent as if there are no more cattle to graze. But the Herdsmen still trek the farmland. Crops still get destroyed but suddenly farmers and the herders have ceased to kill themselves.

Yet, no ranches have been established by the Federal Government and the states that refused to give their lands have not changed their minds.

So, why were the killings so pronounced then? Who are behind these needless and reckless killings of innocent Nigerians? Could it be members of Miyetti Allah, the umbrella body of the Cattle Breeder Association of Nigeria?

Of course, this group has claimed to be behind some killings across the country but intelligence by the country’s security departments have not pointed to the Miyetti Allah.

Possibly, that is the reason the police, army and the Department of State Service have not questioned the leadership of Miyetti Allah.

But the justification of the Herdsmen’s brutality and killings of innocent by the Minister of Defence  Monsur Dan Ali poses many questions.

It becomes more astonished that President Muhammadu Buhari said that the herdsmen that were causing problems in Nigeria were guerrilla from Libya who was pursued away after the death of President Mamman Gaddafi.

But, whichever way, these nomadic herders have sheathed their swords and kept their guns in the last few months. Could it be true that those sponsoring killings in Nigeria are busy strategizing on how to win the next election?

Perhaps that is true because since the political parties began primaries, herdsmen trouble naturally fizzled out. Unless in a few places, there is virtually no herdsmen attack in villages, instead the nation’s capital Abuja had to battle with the Shiite protest.

Scores of the Islamic group, Shiite members were killed by men of Nigeria police during a protest at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The Shiite members had called for the immediate release of their leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky who had been in government custody since 2015.

The Federal Government sees the protest as another political move by the opposition to disrupt the country. Just as it sees the herdsmen attack as political tools to cause problems by the opposition.

On Sunday, the Independent National Electoral Commission officially declared political campaign opened, which of course will reduce criminality.

But, the campaign will usher to the city thuggery, gangsterism and of course assassination. This is the time the security must be tighter.

It is the time those that had been perpetrating evils in the jungle would be brought to the city by their paymasters to unleash mayhem on members of the opposition.

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