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Where Do The Private Schools Stand In UTME?

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Nigeria News takes a look at the performance of public school pupils in the last UTME despite exorbitant fees in private schools.

The noise about the poor quality of public schools in Nigeria may be loud, the private schools are not doing better. I have monitored the performance of public primary and secondary schools pupils in Lagos in the last seven years and can confidently say that they are better than many private schools.

Private institutions have dominated the education sector so much that parents and guardians now see the enrolment of their children and wards as a thing of class instead of quality.

The private schools’ exorbitant fees have not justified the performance of the pupils in the last few years. This is as a result of recruitment of incompetent teachers and lack of proper pedagogue to teach the three key areas of education in the schools.

Most private schools lack the facilities to instill the; Affective, Cognitive and Psychomotor processes of education. These three go together without which a half-baked pupil is produced.

This is what is happening now in Nigeria and unless it is quickly tamed, private schools will contribute more to the bad products the country is currently battling with.

I judge from my coverage of the annual Spelling Bee Competition, which was inaugurated by the former Lagos first lady, Senator Oluremi Tinubu some years back.

Till date, many of the winners have emerged from public schools, which is virtually free. It is true that the structures in public schools are dilapidated with no adequate desks and benches for pupils to write.

Pupils are always overcrowded in classrooms due to lack of facilities. There are many classrooms without windows and doors. The pupils and their teachers compete with reptiles for space. This is still happening in many public schools, unlike the private schools where the classrooms are conducive with good toilet facilities and ventilation.

The advent of social media is exposing our government now. There is a steady improvement in public schools in the area of repair and rebuild.

However, in the area of hiring teaching staff, most private schools have compromised. They hire unqualified teachers despite their aesthetic buildings to garbage in poor education to the pupils.

This is what the government will not do. The public school teachers are competent and this has shown in the recent results of the West African Senior School Certificate Examination in which public schools perform better.

Interestingly, the best results of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) came from public school in which a 15-year-old, Ezenala Ekene Franklin of Community Secondary School, Meiran Lagos scored 347 marks.

Likewise, a 16-year-old candidate, Igban Chidiebube from Abia State scored 346 marks to emerge the second best candidate while a 17-year-old, Isaac Olamilekan from Osun State, scored 345 marks.

These are public school pupils whose parents do not have the funds to train in private schools, yet emerged as the best UTME candidates.

As at today, one has observed that most private schools are glorified cinema houses where pupils are only exposed to western world to show class but not education.

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