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Where Is Kanu, UK Govt Asks Nigerian Govt

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The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu’s whereabouts are not known since September 14, 2017, when Nigeria troops stormed his residence in Abia State.


On Friday, the United Kingdom has asked the Federal Government to tell the world the whereabouts of Kanu who happens to be a British-Nigerian citizen.


In a statement by the Press Officer, UK high commission in Nigeria, Joe Abuku, the Federal Government has been asked to clarify the whereabouts of Kanu either dead or alive but the government has not yet said anything.


Abuku stated that Kanu remains British citizen but had been reported missing in Nigeria.


He said that the United Kingdom demands Kanu’s status and that a letter has been sent to the Nigerian government to produce him.


Asked if IPOB would be tagged a terrorist organization by the UK government, Abuku said that the British does not consider IPOB as a terrorist group under its law.


On whether the UK government would strip Kanu of his British citizenship, Abuku said that he would not like to comment on the individual matter.


“He said that unless a citizen is engaged in terrorism either at home and abroad, the UK government cannot tag him as a terrorist. Kanu had dual citizenship and has never been found as a terrorist in the UK.”

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