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Where Is Our President’s Wife?

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Nigeria News takes a look at the stance of Aisha Buhari, wife of President Muhammadu Buhari in the governance of the country.

Aisha Buhari, the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari has refused to live in the kitchen.

Despite the tantrum by Mr President that Aisha belongs to the kitchen and other rooms, the woman has shown how well informed she is about what goes on outside the kitchen and the inner rooms.

She does not only reveal the weaknesses of the present administration being led by her husband, Aisha recommends the removal of those who have been the clogs in the wheel of the government.

One may ask, where does the first lady belong? Is she a civil right Activist or a social commentator?

Is our first lady working for the opposition so that her husband may not return in 2019?

Is she tired of the pressure and demand of the office but preferred a private life with her husband now?

These and many questions have been going on in my mind since Aisha revealed that there were two personalities in Buhari’s government that did not allow the administration to work.

The woman once told a reporter of the Voice of America that cabals had taken over the government of his husband but Mr President swiftly responded by saying that his wife knew nothing about the government as she belonged to the kitchen and other rooms.

A few days ago, Buhari challenged his wife and many other critics who thought that Cabal had hijacked his government to provide evidence to substantiate it.

What evidence is greater than the testimony of the president’s wife who has access to the political monsters that work with Mr President?

The members of the public are only privy to information released by the media. There are “behind the scene” and a high number of “News behind the news” that are never reported.

That is why when a scoop is dropped by Aisha, the media feeds on it. Our President’s wife belongs to the activist class and if given the opportunity to expose all what she knows, the husband may either get the nod to rule once again or get the boot to quit the seat by the electorate in a few months to come.

Aisha’s outspokenness may draw sympathy for her husband if she is allowed to reveal those that are slowing down the pace of this government and in other hands, her eloquence may expose the weakness of her husband and work against his reelection.

I think President Buhari should be commended to have had such an amazing and fearless woman as a wife. Aisha’s independent mind is a reflection of Buhari’s liberalism.

None of the past Presidents in Nigeria would have allowed his wive such liberty to point out the loopholes in his government.

In spite of her critical stands on some issues, Aisha goes out to campaign for both his husband and the All Progressives Congress (APC) ahead of the 2019 election.

One could remember her visit to Akwa Ibom State where she declared right at the Airport that the state Governor of the state, Udom Emmanuel would soon cross from the Peoples Democratic Party to APC.

Aisha who was warmly received by the Akwa Ibom first lady said that the governor and his wife would lead the presidential campaign of Mr Buhari.

She shows boldness to speak the truth and uses this to draw sympathy for her husband. She is not only in the kitchen and other rooms, Aisha is making wave across Nigeria.

She is perhaps showing to us how government should be and how first ladies can help their husbands.

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