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Who Is Wrong; Google Map Or FRSC?

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ElevateNews takes a look at the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC order against the use of Google map by motorists.

I think the Federal Road Safety Corps should not have narrowed its order on telephone handset to the use of Google map by motorists.

There is a law in place already that forbids drivers from using a telephone while driving, which the corps has failed to enforce as expected.

Motorists call and receive calls indiscriminately on our major roads even in the presence of the FRSC.

As a matter of fact, a telephone handset has become the mobile office of most Nigerians and it is good.

In this internet age, a few businesses operate from inside a physical office, most business transactions are done in real-time on the road, rail and in the air.

Goods are bought online, deals are sealed via the telephone while soft documents have replaced hard papers in the business world.

So, there should not be an excuse for vehicular traffic to meet with your clients. They are waiting for you online.

Of course, internet traffic can also be frustrating at times but it depends more on the kind of service you have chosen.

This is opening up more innovation as the Android handset continues to create more applications that can make a man waste his quality time or maximise it.

Google map is one of the many apps, good enough to maximise travellers time.

It brings to you the traffic situation using GP, which the FRSC now sees as unreasonable.

Why I do not subscribe to motorists pressing telephone handset while driving, I think it is wrong to lay emphasis on Google map while enforcing the law against the use of handset.

To me, the FRSC is disturbed that an App is competing with its officials on the information management of traffic situation across the country.

There is a Traffic Radio in Lagos, which updates the traffic situation regularly through the State Traffic Management Authority but it has been observed that at times LASTMA officials do not get it right.

While in the traffic, motorists now prefer to check Google map to authenticate the traffic situation.

Though it is wrong to do so while the vehicle is moving at high speed, there should be no penalty when one is stuck in hold up for hours.

Using Google map to ascertain one’s faith either to continue following the traffic or find an alternative route should not be a sin against traffic Law.

I think it is high time the Federal Government established the FRSC radio to give vivid information about the situation of traffic intermittently.

This will stop many motorists from using Google map to search for direction.

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