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Who Owns Lagos; APC Or NURTW?

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Nigeria News takes a look at the APC rally that turned violent in Lagos.

The flag-off of the Lagos All Progressives Congress APC) campaign for the coming general election was marred by violence on Tuesday.

In fact, no fewer than three persons died when a faction of the National Union of Road Transport Workers stormed the Ikeja campaign ground of the party. Stray bullets also hit three journalists that came to report the rally.

A good friend, the Group Politics Editor of the Nation Newspaper, Mr. Emmanuel Oladesu was among the three reporters that were hit by stray bullets.

The other two were from the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN and the politics reporter of the New Telegraph. They were rushed to a nearby hospital and as at this morning, two bullets had been removed from Oladesu’s skull.

The Nigeria Union of Journalists has condemned the attack on journalists who had gone to do their legitimate Jobs but got shot by the hoodlums who have since turned political rallies to battle ground.

The association between Nigeria’s political parties and the hooligans in NURTW is an age-long relationship. The members of the NURTW are potential thugs, already made to disrupt rallies of opposition.

Currently, the most popular leader of the NURTW, Alhaji Musilu Oluomo, also known as MC Oluomo is a key supporter of the ruling APC and was the one that attracted hoodlums to the party’s rally on Tuesday.

He is a wanted man by another NURTW faction that operates as cult and killer squad. Of course, they laid hands on him on Tuesday. Oluomo was stabbed in the neck by the angry mob who traced him to Oba Akinjobi Road, Ikeja on Tuesday.

He was whisked away by his gangs to a Maryland Hospital where he is currently recuperating.

The APC campaign turned violent as Lagosians and politicians who had come to cheer up the state gubernatorial candidate, Jide Sanwo-Olu took to their heels in a race for their lives.

Campaigns are no more interesting. Hoodlums capitalise on this event to settle scores. The peace of the state was breached as the event that was supposed to pave way for better governance turned out to be a slaughtering game for thugs and politicians.

Journalists were not left out. Many reporters did not only show up at the gathering to report, some derived their daily bread from the envelopes that flew during the campaign.

Even if you abhor brown envelope journalism, it is compulsory to be at some of the campaign grounds because some of the politicians are the owner of your company.

In this era that the atmosphere is tenser, journalists must be extra careful not to become prey for the warring politicians who use the NURTW members as fellers.

As the scripture put it, the journalists should be wise as serpent and gentle as dove when reporting Nigeria’s election. The event comes with gains and pains and if care is not taken, death.

May the souls of those that were killed at the rally rest in peace. May those injured recover speedily.

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