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Who Will Inherit This Structure of Tinubu?

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No doubt, the former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has created a legacy that others can build on in the future.

He coined out his own method, having used the platform of the Pan Yoruba social-political group, Afenifere to formalise his politics and launch himself into the democratic setting.

After the proscription of the Social Democratic Party, which many of the Afenifere belonged to, Tinubu did not hesitate to pitch his tent with the Alliance for Democracy, AD that later came out of the Yoruba group.

He became the governor of Lagos State in 1999 but schemed himself out of the AD to form Action Congress.

He stepped on the toes and broke some toes of some of the elders who formed the caucus of the AD while searching for a new order to fulfil his political ambition.

He became another Yoruba after the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo to vision out his own kind of politics.

Tinubu’s kind of politics to those who worked with Awolowo is filthy and lacking in ideology like that of Awolowo.

But one similar thing between the two is that they have both identified other leaders and have empowered more people within and outside their political families.

There is no need in comparing Tinubu with Awolowo in terms of achievements, except that one should be looking at what lessons the former Lagos governor had learnt from the late sage.

The reason being that the political structure built by Awolowo began to crumble after his demise.

Those who called themselves Awoists only resemble the man by their type of caps and glasses but not in ideas and philosophy.

They speak more about what they can gain personally in every political calculation.

Today, there are two factions of Afenifere while the AD is nowhere to be found talking about Southwest politics.

However, Tinubu’s structure, which metamorphosed from AC to Action Congress of Nigeria and later amalgamated with CPC to birth All Progressives Congress, APC is the strongest party in Nigeria today.

Although the APC may die soon if care is not taken, judging by the internal crisis within the party at present.

What holds APC is President Muhammadu Buhari and as soon as he finishes his tenure, the crisis will escalate.

Tinubu is respected for always finding a way out and this is due to his logic to stabilise a political party he has formed.

He will not defect to another party. He will rather fortify the party or form another one.

But he is not growing younger. He once said that the APC would be looking for a young vibrant leader to lead the country in 2023 to debunk the rumour about his presidential interest.

Who will he handover the structure to?

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