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Why Buhari’s Government Is Unpopular

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Nigeria News takes a look at the analysis of the Minister of Agriculture, Chief Audu Ogbe on why Buhari’s government is unpopular.

To cure Nigeria of the present malady of unemployment and over dependent on import products will take a while. It will take a strong government to do this.

The current government of President Muhammadu Buhari is trying to stop importation by all means even when it has not been able to provide the necessary facilities to do so.

This is why many Nigerians, mostly those that are involved in importation are not happy with him. So all sort of publication that they publish against this government is because they are losing money.

I listened with rapt attention to the Minister of Agriculture, Chief Audu Ogbe on a video that went viral a few days ago. This is what he has to say;

The tragedy of Nigeria began in 1986 when we did the Structural Adjustment Programme.

When we were persuaded to devalue our currency every week for 32years. Naira was one dollar 50 cent. The Naira was almost one pounce sterling. But the World Bank and IMF came with brilliant men from Harvard to deceive us that weekly devaluation of Naira was wonderful.

For 42 years, we devalue our currency until we hit N527 and they are still telling us that the Naira is still overvalued. That brought poverty and misery upon us. Then interest rate went to 30 per cent.

So nobody could build a factory, start a farm or create jobs because any time you bring in a shipload of rice, you also bring in a shipload of unemployment because you are transferring your wealth to sustain other economies.

Somehow Nigerians did not notice it so we became a nation of importers. Ordinary toothpick, each year costs Nigeria $18 million, tomato paste, $400 million.

Meanwhile, one basket of tomato in town is less than N2000. The farmers are losing money because the processors do not have the funds to set up factories.

To do tomato paste, we will need stainless steel. Two factories have started off, I believe by the middle of next year we can comfortably tell importers of tomato paste to stop.

But when you do, you make enemies, even the rice we are trying to do, we make enemies. People who can kill if they have a chance because you are spoiling their business.

These guys have seized this country’s economy, they have taken us hostage and have no intention of giving up.

To them, Nigeria is a huge market and they have to take control. This regime is unpopular because it is trying to cut down import and transfer the wealth to our rural people.

They say we are not growing rice so as to demoralize the local farmers and make sure that the economy fails.

On import, it will take a while to get used to local goods and expect that we should consume what we produce and produce what we must consume. The youths need jobs and they will not allow us to carry on and enjoy life at their expense, they need jobs.

They have gone to school, come back home to experience the second childhood because there is no company to employ them.

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