Why I Abandoned My Baby Under Oshodi Bridge

Why I Abandoned My Baby Under Oshodi Bridge

A mother of a baby boy, Timilehin Adeshina told the operatives of the Lagos State Task Force on Wednesday that she abandoned her baby under the popular Oshodi Bridge because she did not know his father.

She confessed when the task force arrested her as she dropped the baby in a bag under the bridge and set to escape.

The operatives arrested her and rescued the bouncing baby boy from untimely death under the dreaded Oshodi Bridge.

Adeshina said that she could no longer care for the baby and had since become a sex tool for hoodlums under the bridge.

She stated that she got pregnant while in Junior Secondary School at Ejigbo area of Lagos and consequently her mother from Delta State threw her out of home to seek the father of the baby.

She said, “I don’t know who impregnated me because many men slept with me and I got pregnant. When I gave birth to the boy, my mother threw me out of home and I came to Oshodi where I slept under the bridge with my baby.”

She lamented that hoodlums under the bridge always came at night to have sex with her and pay her some money which she used to buy food.

However, she decided to drop the child under the bridge so that she could be accommodated elsewhere and since she did not know his father, it would be better for her to abandon the baby.

Speaking, the Chairman of the Task Force, Police Superintendent Olayinka Egbeyemi, said that the woman confessed that she took the step because she could no longer take care of him as none of her family members was ready to accommodate her and the baby.

Meanwhile the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Fatai Owoseni, had directed that both the rescued baby and his mother be immediately transferred to Social Welfare Department of the Lagos State Ministry of Youths and Social Development.

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