Why I Cut My Boyfriend Penis, Brenda Barattini Confesses

An Argentine woman Brenda Barattini has confessed that she cut off her boyfriend penis because the man showed their homemade s*x tape to his friends.


She told the court that she suffered great psychological harm because of the leaked tape by her boyfriend Sergio Fernandez and had to cut his penis with garden scissors.


The 26-year-old Barattini, allegedly committed the revenge attack in the Nueva Cordoba area of the Argentine city of Cordoba last November.


The 40-year-old Fernandez has 90 percent of his penis chopped up by the scissors while the suspect is currently serving imprisonment with bail.


During her trial, Barattini said “I cut his penis but not completely: I injured him. It wasn’t complete: I only injured him.”


The man has been left depressed, one of his attorneys said, as he waits for future operations.


Meanwhile, an investigation showed that the penis could not be repaired by the hospital where the man is currently receiving treatment.


The incident rings similar to the case of Lorena Bobbitt, a woman who, in 1993, cut off her husband’s penis while he was sleeping.


Bobbitt said she did it because she “snapped” after her husband allegedly raped her the previous night.

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