Why I want Buhari To Contest in 2019 – Oyegun

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Chief John Odgie-Oyegun has clarified himself on why he would like President Muhammadu Buhari to contest for second term.

He said this in an exclusive interview with our correspondent, adding that in a free country, anybody has the right to contest for political position that he or she is qualified for.

Oyegun had not hidden his maximum support to Buhari’s administration despite the president health challenges.

He said, “I have my views and I have expressed them. Why do I say so? I said so because the main gift President Buhari is giving to this country is what he represents and that is his absolute integrity.”

According to him, President Buhari exemplifies what an average Nigerian should be and the kind of country Nigeria should aspire to be.

To him, Buhari is man of his words. “A man whose yes is yes.”

Oyegun explained that Buhari had been treating the public resources and the constitution with respect and had been fighting corruption and indiscipline.

“Buhari is like a General leading a charge against the major ills of this country. The job is so enormous that one term cannot do it,” Oyegun posited.

He stated that the job before this administration is so enormous that one term would not be enough for President Buhari to accomplish greater feat.

“I pray that God give him robust health because we need people like him in leadership position to move this country forward,” Oyegun said.

“The main one is the change in the mentality and ethics of Nigerians, especially the attitude of Nigerians to right and wrong. So, the task is enormous and we need continuity in principled leadership which President Buhari represents.

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