Why Investors Prefer Rwanda, Kenya To Nigeria – Ben Murray Bruce

Senator Ben Murray Bruce has said that money goes where there is good leadership, and not just where there is oil.


Speaking from his common sense advocacy series, he said Rwanda and Kenya have hosted the richest man in china because they have shown good leadership at the national level.


He said Mr. Jack Ma, the richest man in China went alongside 38 billionaires on a trade and investment trip to Kenya and Rwanda.


He disclosed that Rwanda and Kenya have shown good leadership and it is attracting the wealth of the world.


He also said when we in Nigeria get the right leadership and adopt a new system of restructuring our economy, the investment will follow.


He stated further that, if we still believe only in mineral resources, we will still continue to oppose restructuring and the same old type of leadership will remain.


He revealed that the money Nigeria will make from oil in 2017, will be less than the wealth that the world’s three richest men will make during the same period.


He closed this “’common sense” series with a reminder that, “we must end our reliance on crude oil because we will continue to have a crude government if we continue to depend on crude oil.”

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