“Why It’ll Be Difficult for Nigeria to Breakup”

“Why It’ll Be Difficult for Nigeria to Breakup”

Following Presidential Muhammadu Buhari’s October 1 independence anniversary speech, which generated a lot of views in the media, a Public Relations Consultant Bolaji Okusaga has posited that it will be difficult for Nigeria to break up.

He stated that Nigeria’s breaking up is not a reality because the Lancaster conference between 1957 and 1958 did not allow for secession and there was no provision for referendum around seceding, which has become an issue recently.

He said in other areas, where nations had evolved, it was a consequence of agreement rather than administrative or economic convenience which is the reality in Nigeria.

He said further that whilst the American society existed before the American nation, there was sharing, trading, and some form of common denominator.

He said the reality was not the same for Nigeria and the military did not understand it when they started Balkanizing Nigeria to suit their own command and control structure.

He concluded, urging Nigerians to agree on the common thing to the average Nigerian and how to forge nations because nationhood is more spiritual than administration.

President Buhari said in his speech that he would not allow the country to break up under him and that his administration would resist any attempt that may result into secession.