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Why Maina Went Into Hiding

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It has been revealed that the former chairman of the defunct Presidential Task Force on Pension Reform, Mr. Abdulrasheed Maina, went into hiding to save his life.


One of his aides, Mr Olajide Fasakin said some unknown people had been threatening to kill Maina over the new development on pension scam and that the man had to shield himself away from carrying out the threat.


He said that Maina ran away from the country when they threatened to kill him during President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration but was asked to return by the present government.


Though Fasakin could not mention the whereabouts of his boss, he said he was sure that the death threat had made Maina go into hiding.


“I can only say that some assailants shot at Maina for about five times but he managed to escape death and ran into hiding,” Fasakin said.


It was gathered that Maina had some documents, which could nail some high profile politicians, some of whom are members of the National Assembly.


Maina said before he went into hiding that he would release a document in which the politicians took N3 billion from the pension funds.

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