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Why Nigerians Prefer Jungle Justice – Experts

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A public affairs analyst Mr. Eugene Abels, has said that the lynching of suspected criminals going on today in Nigeria is a reflection of the state of affairs of the nation.

Speaking as a guest on the programme, Today on STV he said there is Lack of adherence to processes, systems and improvement of the things that the government inherited from the forbearer after the civil war.

According to him, “The society has debased everything, so people are no longer used to systems and processes and they do not believe in the institutions they should resort to for answers at reference point.”

He says that lynching comes in different forms, and one of them is the media lynching. He said media lynching occurs when negative information without details, about somebody is published.

Government agencies like the Graft Agency is a vivid example he gave about those involved in media lynching saying, “Before a man stands trial, you discover that he has already been lynched in the media, so there are no tendencies for most people to absolve them without asking for detailed information.”

He also said there is a recent trend of mob mentality in localities; when things happen, people express themselves in all forms, especially people at the lower ranks of society that execute this kind of thing.

Giving reasons why these things happen, he said people don’t have faith in certain agencies and bodies who are supposed to execute the law.

He stressed that questions like; is the system so transparent? Is it available for the ordinary man? vulcanizers, students, the man on the street, and bus conductor? Would always emerge, if the system is not transparent.

Talking about community involvement in handling crime, he said in some communities in the time past; when somebody commits a crime that is a taboo, such person is excommunicated from the community. But as time progressed, the law takes preeminence over every tradition or culture.

He also said when it comes to best practices, and democracy, we should get used to seeing people exercise democracy. One of them is right to life, another is right to fair hearing and nobody has the right to take the life of another man, regardless of his status.

Another public affairs analyst, Dr. Chijioke Ugwuoke from Abuja studio, gave his contribution that, “lynching is not peculiar to Nigeria until recently. And the only reason a human being will set his fellow human being ablaze is because he is not a human being but a savage and criminal.”

He also said, “It is wrong, barbaric, criminal, cruel and uncivilized. But when Nigerians provide, their own electricity, security and water within their limits, people tend to also provide their own justice.
He said the people are not happy taking laws into their hands but because they are helpless, and frustrated. And the only way to help themselves, is to carry out this act which in their mind is justice served.

He concluded with a solution that, “Government should play its role, educate the citizenry, imbibe sanity in their operations, and they should reclaim the integrity of the police force because they have been debased, especially in the sight of the citizens.”

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