Why Parallel APC Won’t Work In Lagos

Nigeria News takes a look at the APC parallel congress in Lagos.

The media has been quiet about the so-called parallel State Congress of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos State because it could be tough tackling some issues. I have never met Fouad Oki. But I knew how he played a prominent role during Dr Kayode Fayemi’s failed bid to return to the Ekiti State Government House a few years back.

Oki was among those arrested and taken to Abuja by the hooded goons deployed to prosecute Ayodele Fayose’s election victory at the time. One of those arrested then suffered untold brutalities along with Oki at the time, spending two weeks in illegal detention before their eventual release. So, in a lot of ways, Oki has paid his dues.

But the parallel APC State Congress in Lagos State, in which Oki became one of the arrowheads, was not only unnecessary and diversionary, it was a battle taken too far by sycophants of power masquerading as agents of change. They remain saboteurs working towards an ignoble purpose, and we dare say, they’ll fail.

Congresses towards the APC National Convention started from the Wards and Local Government levels across the country. If they really meant business, they should have organised parallel Ward and Local Government Congresses. It is those elected by these Congresses, who should have formed the delegates at the Oki-led ‘State Congress’.

Besides, duly elected Executive Committee members of APC at the Wards and Local Government levels should have been part of that farce called a State Congress. You don’t put something on nothing.

Those behind the illegal parallel State Congress in Lagos State APC missed it. Naively believing that Abuja is supportive of the illegal move because a South-West Governor happens to be one of those who bankrolled the ‘State Congress’ is another belief, which can only happen in their dreams.

The Oki’s group should have known that its parallel congress could not divide APC in Lagos since former APC Chairman, Dele Ajomale had intelligently pitched his tent with Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s camp to install Babatunde Ajose.

Ajomale did not want to leave the seat now. He was in full support of the National Working Committee of the APC to allow all the national and state officials to remain for one more year.

President Muhammadu Buhari kicked against this, describing it as illegal. As a matter of fact, the National Chairman of the APC, Chief John Oyegun had wanted to perpetrate himself and that of other officials in office for one more year.

It was a deal, some of the governors in southwest wanted to cage Tinubu in the region towards 2019 general election. But their logic failed them when Vice President Yemi Osinbajo asked them to meet him in court over the illegality of tenure extension for APC officials.

That is why the parallel congresses in some of the states, including Lagos were dead on arrival. In Lagos, it is very sure that the issue will soon be resolved. Tinubu still has the code of his followers, he will reconcile all the aggrieved APC members.

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