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Why Some Nigerians Are Afraid of Iran

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ElevateNews takes a look at how the hostility between the United States and Iran can affect Nigeria.

An average Nigerian is afraid that Nigeria may be a potential target for the angry Iranian government. The killing of Iranian foremost General, Qasem Soleimani by the US army will definitely have serious consequence not only on Americans but also on their allies.

The event of 9/11 is still fresh in our memory, which means that Iran will definitely retaliate and it is the civilians that will bear the brunt more.

President Donald Trump is not comfortable with the silence of France, Germany and some other members of NATO for not condemning the attack on US troops bases in Iraq.

NATO had earlier warned Iran from taken any retaliatory action to revenge the killing of Soleimani as it may snowball into war. But on Monday Iran launched dozens of missiles to the US bases in Iraq.

The silence of members of NATO and other friends of the US is understandable in that they are the potential target for Iran and the attack may be faster depending on the diplomatic position of the government of those countries.

For now, Nigeria has been silent too, except the directive from the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu to Police Commands to be on red alert. Nigeria like other oil-producing economies will have the opportunity to make more money from the sales of the crude now that Iran is thinking of war more than peace.

In fact, the Russian Government is out to do business by selling ammunition to Iran to fight the US army. This is a support that the Russian Government can render as it will boost its arms trade.

In Nigeria, a section of Islamic group staged a protest against the killing of Soleimani while the United States High Commission also advised Americans in Nigeria to be wary of their movement across the country.

A Nigerian living in America told me that Americans themselves are scared about the consequence of Soleimani’s death. There is no difference between Iraq and Iran as far as an average American is concerned.

“Americans are afraid to mix with neither an Iranian nor Iraqi,” according to a Nigerian living in the US. But surprisingly, the Iraqi government has condemned the Iranian attack of US bases in Iraq.

This is also understandable in that the Iraqi leader is more or less American stooge, imposed by the US government after it had eliminated the former leader Saddam Hussein. American troops have been in Iraq to protect the government it imposed on the Arab nation for some time now.

The US, which to me is playing the role of global police is making every effort to keep Iran from using its Nuclear Weapon. This explains why a country like Nigeria and many allies of US are being cautious over the recent development.

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