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Why Tinubu Must Be Careful (Part 1)

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Nigeria News takes a look at the role of Tinubu in Buhari’s campaign team.

Hmmmmm. May God help Tinubu. That was the prayer that flew into my mind when President Muhammadu Buhari announced him as the arrowhead of his presidential campaign council.

Buhari is the Chairman of the APC presidential Campaign Council while Tinubu is the Vice. But last week, Buhari gave all the powers to Tinubu, urging members of the council to demand all their needs from the former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

In other words, the acclaimed national leader of the APC is in charge of logistics, control and funds movement and circulation.

No doubt, Tinubu’s logic is unequal but he needs to be careful so that his strategy does not boomerang.

He should watch his back and learn from the sudden change in the behavioural pattern of President Buhari shortly after he clinched the presidential ticket of All Progressives Congress in 2014.

It was not long that Buhari was sworn-in that the cabals created a gap between him and those who bankrolled his election.

As a matter of fact, a line in Buhari’s inaugural speech became a national debate, where he said: “I belong to everybody, I belong to nobody.”

After the speech, Tinubu was dumped and went into hiding. His plan to make Senator Ahmad Lawal the President of the Senate never worked as Bukola Saraki kicked against Tinubu’s strategy and rode on the opposition PDP to make himself the Senate President.

Tinubu’s plot to make Femi Gbajabiamila the Speaker, House of Representatives was thwarted as Yakubu Dogara schemed himself to the position with the help of the opposition.

In all of these, Buhari was indifferent. He pretended to have known nothing about the scheming as he allowed anti-party activities above APC rules and regulations.

Steadily, a group of cabals took over Buhari’s government. They kept Tinubu far away from the presidency until a few months ago that they needed his brain again for the 2019 election.

So I ask like many have been asking, has Tinubu learnt anything since 2014? I do not think so and I pray that somebody should sing into his ears the popular Yoruba folktales. “A o mu Erin joba”. It was a story of a king, a brave hunter and the elephant.

Once upon A time, there was a king whose day of death was announced by a priest and the only way to postpone this death was to do sacrifice, using a big elephant.

He summoned all the brave hunters and one of them volunteered to tempt a life elephant from the thick forest to the town so that the king might use it and live.

The hunter requested that a big pit be dug with mat laid on it and a royal seat put on the mat. He eventually lured the elephant from the bush with sweet bean cake to the town and offered it a royal seat as the new king.

Down in the pit, the elephant fell and became the sacrificial animal. I pray that Tinubu is not sacrificed with his new elephant role in Buhari’s campaign council.

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