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Why Tinubu Must Be Careful Part 2

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Nigeria News takes a look at the national leader of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and why he must be very careful performing his new role as the vice chairman of the party’s presidential campaign council.

Former Lagos State Governor and national leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu must work tirelessly to ensure that his party wins the 2019 presidential election.

The biggest work has been laid on his shoulder as the team leader of the President Muhammadu Buhari’s Campaign Council.

If he delivers as I wrote last week, Tinubu should prepare to fight the war within. The cabal would have succeeded in using him but will never allow him to dictate the pace again. If he tries to flex muscle, he may meet his Waterloo.

Buhari and his closest allies may go after him. They have his dossiers like many others. They have high power intelligence that can easily expose the pasts of Tinubu and nail him finally.

The reason why they could not do it now is because they have a role for him in this coming election, which after he had played it, he is thrown out.

No doubt, Tinubu is sophisticated, he can only survive if the cabal fail to keep his stooges around the government, including those who may want to be at the National Assembly.

This government is terribly vindictive. Tinubu may not be a sacred cow in the nearest future, he may be sacrificed.

The Lion of Bourdilon must also prepare for the war that will emanate from outside if he fails to deliver Buhari. The Peoples Democratic Party is waiting for APC to lose so that it can pounce on Tinubu and his cronies.

The PDP understands the language very well. Making Tinubu the Vice chairman of the APC’S Presidential Campaign Council is not only for strategic purpose but for logical and adequate distribution of funds to the voters.

The PDP is a master player when it comes to this and Tinubu is as good as he has used the formula to pocket Lagos since 1999.

But if he loses, Tinubu will be queried by PDP government. He should prepare to face the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission about the funding of Buhari’s campaign.

As a matter of fact, Buhari has said that he would not spend government money on his re-election but as at now, the APC has not organised any fund raising to fund the glamorous campaigns around the country.

Tinubu is good as opposition leader, his current position, if care is not taken may haunt him seriously.

In 2007 I could remember how the election that brought Mr. Babatunde Fashola to power in Lagos shook Tinubu. If Fashola had lost the election, Tinubu would have been silenced forever but the victory became the event that made him thicker.

Since he made Fashola won in 2007, Tinubu had become an enigma and a strong force in Nigeria’s political space. This was attested to by the emergence of Buhari as APC flagbearer in 2014 and his eventual winner of the 2015 election.

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