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Why, When And Who Should Use Bulk SMS in Nigeria?

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Bulk SMS is the sending of a message/text via Short Message Service (SMS) to a large volume or quantity of GSM subscribers’ telephone numbers at a time.

As we all know, GSM phones are ruling our digital world. Therefore, mobile-focused marketing has inevitably become a focal point of strategic marketing planning. Mobile marketing is an enormous must for every business that wants to maintain a competitive edge over their competitors and keep advantage within the area of concentration.

Bulk SMS Strengthens Customer Relationships

Bulk SMS service will improve your customer communication. Why? Because it is cost-effective, it builds meaningful conversation, is a permission-based (opt-in) and fast, which customers appreciate wholeheartedly.

Bulk SMS, which is also known as Bulk text messaging, Text message marketing, Business SMS, Bulk Messaging is a service that enables businesses of all categories to send an SMS message to a large volume/quantity of GSM telephone numbers via different mobile operators. In other words, Bulk messaging allows you to send an SMS to a large volume of GSM subscribers at once with just a click.

Sending of Bulk SMS assists businesses to establish relationships that drive scalable results. It is especially useful in helping SMEs and first-time entrepreneurs succeed in getting the right prospects during the complex purchase process. In the same vein, it empowers businesses to build unlimited opportunities via strategic well-targeted exposure. Bulk SMS service allows its users to send text messages to both local and foreign telephone numbers. As a result of this, sending of SMS text messages is one of the inevitable solutions for businesses targetting to reach a specific class of people, regardless of the locations.

Bulk SMS messaging is commonly used for:

  • News
  • Mass SMS advertising
  • SMS newsletters
  • Sending notifications
  • Product information
  • Alerts
  • password confirmation
  • competitions
  • Reminders, etc.

Who Is Using Bulk SMS Service?

Bulk SMS text messaging is used by :

  • Schools
  • Travel agencies
  • Enterprises
  • Healthcare providers
  • Retailers
  • Banks
  • Airlines
  • Media outlets, etc.

Why Using Bulk SMS Service?

Businesses and individuals are using bulk SMS service because they have a database of users, subscribers or clients who need to be reached at once with a particular message. Whether it is an alert, news or a reminder, all these businesses require an efficient way to send these messages to them.

One needs to think of bulk SMS as an additional business offer that can increase sales as well as revenue because it empowers businesses to reach customers, with the most critical message they need from you when it’s most suitable for them. This can lead them via the sales funnel to entice small, micro engagements, depending on the type of business and business goals.

Bulk SMS service is not limited by the size of a business or its location. Companies of all categories at all levels can use bulk SMS text messaging service. Bulk SMS Nigeria is a reliable, cost-effective and efficient platform where you can subscribe to bulk SMS service in Nigeria.

If you have not attempted using this form of communication with customers, clients, subscribers, students, audience, congregation, etc, you need to start today.

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