Will Breakaway rAPC Stop This Impunity?

Nigeria News takes a look at the crisis in APC.

It is glaring, things are not going well for Nigeria and it is becoming more dangerous as the country approaches 2019 when another presidential election will be held.

The ruling All Progressives Congress, APC is riding on impunity to remain in power and has failed to address what is more germane to save the lives of millions of Nigeria.

Rather the party has been coming up with various excuses to claim innocence and why Nigerians must buy into its ideologies to create peace between farmers and herdsmen.

The international community has condemned the killings in Nigeria as it asked the Federal Government to find a lasting solution to it.

In its first defence, the presidency began by quoting the numbers of killings that happened during the past administration of President Goodluck Jonathan by saying it was far higher in ratio compared to killings under this government. This is absurd.

The Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina sealed the hogwash on Wednesday by declaring that supporting the rancid ranching idea of the Federal Government would have prevented the killings. These two positions are to me, no no. 

It is an open approval for the mushrooming of private militia. You cannot tacitly approve or give excuses for mass murder, and close the window of self-defence. While the police could only arrest about 13 suspects connected with the Plateau killings, the operatives arrested 17 people for protesting against the murder of their loved ones.

It sounds so unreasonable and barbaric for a government to tell its citizens to either allow a group of people to take over their lands to graze their cows or lose their lives for refusing such an option.
This is a subtle declaration of defeat by the state that ought to protect lives and property.

I hope the Presidency will wake up in time from this delusion and save itself from avoidable self-combustion. Doing otherwise, irrespective of its positives are ruinous.

Let the government know that just as it adjudged Jonathan as the worst in Nigeria’s history, it too would be judged, not by how many kilometres of roads it built, or by how many pupils it was able to feed, but by how many were killed while it lost its voice and reason and criminally kept quite when killer herdsmen squad were on their mad killing spree.

The impunity, that is, what the breakaway group, the Reformed All Progressives Congress cited as the reason for separating from this government.

The National Chairman of the rAPC, Buba Galadima said at a news conference in Abuja that the new group was forced to break away because the leadership of APC was bent on ruling the country with impunity.

The new national Chairman of APC, Adams Oshiomole has called on the aggrieved members who had since crossed to rAPC to be patient, adding that all issues would be resolved but it seems his persuasion had come rather too late.

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