Will Seiyefa Survive Buhari’s Cabals?

Nigeria News takes a look at the reorganization of the Department of State Service by Acting Director General, Matthew Seiyefa and his survival among the Aso Rock cabals.

Not all sponsored stories in the media are false. But major sponsored stories have one thing in common, such are often syndicated, making them appear in more than one outlet almost at the same time with an anonymous source as a fountain.

That is why one should not refute the story about the planned replacement of the acting Director General of the Department of State Service, Matthew Seiyefa. I believe it is true. And, the pattern followed that of Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun.

Seiyefa certainly, is not in the good books of The Cabal in President Muhammadu Buhari’s government, now that he is doing a lot of reorganization.

But for replacing one of the cliques’ most trusted ‘action men’, Seiyefa may be crossing the path of these cabals at his own peril in an administration, where Mr President is being held hostage by those who love him more than the Nigerian electorate that voted the man into office.

The NNPC matter was not Adeosun’s first problem. Adeosun had acted outside the prescribed rules of the Cabal and they came out to nail her with NYSC fake certificate.

Outside the Nigerian Army, the most important institution that holds ultimate power in this young democracy is the DSS. In the nebulous name of ‘National Security’, the organisation can cage the service chiefs and Police IG. Only a novice at Nigerian power play will not understand what is happening here.

And, Buhari, as usual, may not be able to do anything about it, given the nepotistic tendencies that have characterised appointments and decision-making since he became President in 2015. Decisions are largely made by this Cabal of relations and their close allies, with very little or no regard for the national good. It is a major reason we are in a mess today.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo may not resign if the disgraced DSS man is brought back or the new one removed. It has happened before. Not once, but twice. It appears Osinbajo and his political leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, believe in the 1967 – 1971 late Obafemi Awolowo posture, which did not help MKO Abiola.

In the interim, this administration has wasted too many military lives by its indecisiveness on the issue of Boko Haram. The Minister of Defence needs to leave his position, urgently, followed by the service chiefs. That of Foreign Affairs, who cannot effectively assist in getting Niger, Chad and Cameroon to box in Boko Haram for a final kill, should also leave.

Whoever is coming on board to coordinate the military should be given a deadline of not later than three months to rid Nigeria of Boko Haram. Iron fists were deployed in the South-East against an IPOB that did not fight a war. Kid gloves are being used against Boko Haram and their political godfathers in the North-East. Enough of this mess, please!

An average of N30m is needed to train a recruited soldier. That of an officer ranges from N50m to N100m. If official accounts are to be believed, we have lost more than 100 servicemen in the Boko Haram war this year alone. If we add civilian casualties and destruction of properties, the amount is staggering! Yet, loved ones are hurting all over Nigeria because soldiers from the 36 states are being deployed, not just Northern soldiers alone.

I don’t want to write that the current Administration is a basket case in terms of maintaining Nigeria’s territorial integrity and general security. But it is something close to that. The move against the DSS chief is thus ill-advised and unpatriotic. It is being done to serve the same interest of a Cabal that has no business with Nigeria except as leeches.

A virile DSS can contain the rot within the military in just one month. With DSS assistance, diversion of funds and incompetence among our top military brass can be quickly spotted and contained.

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