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Will This Phase End Tinubu’s Era?

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Nigeria News takes a look at the APC gubernatorial primaries in Lagos.

The lion of Bourdillon is calm and cool waiting to devour its prey. Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is a predator who goes after his prey and take it as sumptuous meal.

Like a lion in the jungle, Tinubu prowls and waits for a rookie politician to stray into his territory, a political structure he had created before making and eating them up.

Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode strayed into Tinubu’s den about three years ago and by tomorrow, he may be roasted before all other lionesses and smaller political animals in the All Progressives Congress.

Twice, the Lagos State APC governorship primaries had been postponed. Perhaps, it will eventually happen on Tuesday, Tinubu will be having a date with destiny, likewise Ambode.

It is a primary that may end the political career of Ambode and dent the domineering persona of the Lion of Bourdillon himself.  If Tinubu had thought of helping Ambode, the governor’s world press conference on Sunday must have changed his mind by now.

Apart from the fact that Ambode reported his godfather to President Muhammadu Buhari and Abuja cabals, the governor shot himself in the leg on Sunday by describing his opponent in tomorrow’s primary, Jide Sanwo-Olu as a former convict and psychiatric patient.

In the military, once you undermine authority, refuse to follow orders and illegally seek to replace your commander; that is mutiny. Tinubu definitely acted like a soldier here. He would not spare Ambode, now that he has the chance to nail him hard to the wall.

Once a soldier picks a gun to kill a superior officer in the name of changing authority, fails and later come begging with others, it is not a question of forgiveness again. If you want to remain alive, quickly pick his gun and finish him off. That is Tinubu’s method now and Ambode knows this. The governor is ready for “Roforofo” fight.

If Tinubu fails, it is obvious, Ambode will finish him off at the appropriate time.

I do not intend to harm Ambode or praise Tinubu before this primaries not until Sunday when Governor Akinwumi Ambode went berserk and challenged those he perceived as the stumbling block to his 2nd term ambition.

No doubt, the governor had the majority of Lagos residents behind him before Sunday and maybe he still has some sympathisers left but with Sunday conference, where he thought he opened can of worms about his opponent, Ambode demystified himself. The equity of his blossomed brand was deflated by himself.

As I write this, I’m thinking of many questions. Does he have advisers at all? Was he advised and turned it down? Is he that stubborn or amenable to correction? Is he the type that allows jobbers to push him beyond the limit?

I would have blamed his spin doctors but I know that most political brands are very difficult to manage. They listen more to politicians milling around them than to professionals, who are with them to guide their conducts.

Till date, the unceremonious of Mr Akinwumi Ambode remains a rumour because nothing was attributed to BRF, his predecessor in office. Or does it mean Fashola doesn’t know a lot of his atrocities? Did he (Ambode) intentionally leave office before reaching retirement age?

I know how the governor feels and I know how dejected he would have been knowing that his 2nd term ambition was little by little slipping away but I expected him to act in a more mature manner. He needs friends now, not enemy.

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