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Worsening Case of El-Zakzaky

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ElevateNews takes a look at the health and status implication of Shiite Leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky in Nigeria and other countries.

Leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky refused to cooperate with an Indian hospital to treat him.

He is back in Nigeria and if he can get a better health facility where he will be treated without been gagged, the Shiite leader would be happier.

Otherwise, he may die soon, according to his daughter Suhaila. El-Zakzaky has deposits of lead and cadmium in his body. It requires urgent medical attention without which his condition will continue to deteriorate and consequently death.

El-Zakzaky, investigation revealed had pellet of lead sank into one of his eyes during a brawl between his Shiite members and men of the Nigerian Army in Zaria, Kaduna in 2015.

It seems the lead in his eye had been removed but he cannot still see clearly. He was granted bail by a Nigeria Court to travel to India for treatment.

The sheik lamented during the week while at the Indian hospital that the condition of the health facility was bad and that the Indian Government had colluded with the Nigerian, United State and Israeli Governments to treat him like a criminal.

El-Zakzaky posited that the Kirikiri prison in Lagos was better than the India hospital where he was caged to take treatment.

He requested for a personal and known doctor but the hospital management denied him the right. The management said it is either that El-Zakzaky agrees with the hospital regulations or leave India.

Before now, the Iranian Government had shown interest in taking care of El-Zakzaky but the urge to do so has died down, perhaps because the US has also shown interest in the case.

US and Iran are at each others’ neck at present. A Federal High Court had declared IMN as a terrorist group, which the Federal Government had since proscribed.

Even though El-Zakzaky has been granted bail on a medical issue, all eyes are on him because of his alleged terrorist tendency.

An investigation has it that the Department of State Service (DSS) had rearrested El-Zakzaky as soon as he arrived in Nigeria on Saturday.

He was whisked away by the operatives of DSS. The Federal Government also issued a statement that the Shiite leader was brought back to Nigeria because he was seeking asylum instead of treatment in India.

Nigerian Government should not forget that El-Zakzaky has dual citizenship with Iran. He should be treated with some level of care so that this does not boomerang to bigger terrorism in Nigeria.

We are yet to get out of the Boko Haram insurgency, which has ravaged the country for almost a decade now.

I want to believe that Nigeria has effective security intelligence to monitor the Shiites, especially in the area of their connection with the Arab world.

It is obvious now that El-Zakzaky is not only popular in Nigeria. His visit to India for medicals and the way he was treated are direct consequences of his international image.

His name may have been penciled down as a terrorist. No country that has an alliance with the United States will be ready to offer any assistance to El-Zakzaky.

His case has gone beyond his health condition now but his persona and the danger he could pose to any country he enters.

While I pray for him to get better, El-Zakzaky should expect heavy presence of security personnel around him for a long time either within or outside Nigeria.

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