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Year 2020: Nigerians Stand Between Pastor’s Prophecy And Govt’s Policy

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The policy direction of government most times is determined by the vision of the leaders who are in authorities.

The ruling All Progressives Congress came on board with the “Next Level” agenda, which of course is still not clear to many Nigerians.

One visible aspect of the “Next Level” is the continuous building of road and rail infrastructures across the country.

The persistent closure of the land borders against irregular migration and banned items, including rice is also a critical aspect of the “Next Level”.

The Next Level also includes more efforts to combat corruption and insecurity.

Within these policies are a lot of politics that can never be opened to members of the public but will affect both their economic and social well-being.

The 2019 crossover service showed that most Nigerians are not concerned about the 2020 budget analysis but the solace from 2020 prophecy by their pastors.

The crossover service brought together the rich and the poor; the saints and the sinners. Our people now believe more in prophecy rather than policy.

As a matter of fact, it is the prophecies that have been helping many whose economic recession had ruined their businesses.

Despite various policies, it had been discovered that this government could not solve the mammoth problems of unemployment in the country.

Unemployment has culminated to armed robbery, banditry, kidnapping and corruption in low and high places.

Had it been that most youths in the country are gainfully employed, the crime rate would have been reduced drastically.

But today’s church is a respite because the prophecies from various clerics create spiritual direction for the haves and the have-nots.

They listened with rapt attention to claim the good prophecies and rebuke the bad ones.

We live in pluralism and when the prophecies are pronounced by a man of God, it comes in good and bad.

When preaching at the Redemption Camp during the crossover service, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye did not mince words.

He said that 2020 will be filled with battles and victories for Christians.

In his sermon, “The battle is not yours” the respected man of God advised Christians to be closer to God because the almighty is the one that will fight their battle.

Referring to the 2019 prophecy in which he spoke of flood and blood, the cleric said this year would be worse than last year but nothing would happen to those who had given the battle to God to fight for them.

He prophesied that there would be a change of governments in some foreign countries and that some of the changes would come through violent.

One could remember that many Nigerians were affected by flood while many were killed by bandits and terrorists in 2019.

What was the government effort to ameliorate the suffering of the affected? Nothing except repeated message of sympathy.

The prophecy cautions our people and makes them prepare for the evil days when the government is insensitive.

The Government speaks more of propaganda while prophecy reveals the danger ahead but with no physical plan to stop it, except through prayers and fasting.

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