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Yoruba Media Brought Cowardice Into Journalism – Nnamdi Kanu

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Nigeria News – Yoruba Media Brought Cowardice Into Journalism – Nnamdi Kanu

The IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, in his 2hours:30minutes worldwide broadcast, on Saturday evening, which started from 06:30 pm (Nigeria Time) on RadioBiafra expressed displeasure over the role of Yoruba Journalists and media houses in the state of affairs in Nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu, in his broadcast, said, “People talk about bribery and corruption as if it is something that is happening in the realm of public administration alone, the truth is that the worst forms of corruption and cowardice exist within the Yoruba managed media in Nigeria. Yoruba media brought cowardice into journalism.”

“A newspaper editor told one of my assistance that publishing the exposay on Jubril will lead to the closure of their newspaper and possible imprisonment.”

“And I sent my assistance a message to forward to this journalist. I asked him, then why are you a journalist? You should have tried something else. You should have joined the Police force where you should be standing at checkpoint collecting money from people. But he’s a journalist! Tomorrow they will give him an award as the journalist of the year.”

“In other words, Yoruba journalists have become slaves to the system they vow to hold-in-check.”

“Some of you are wondering, why am I focusing on this because they are the problem. The quality of information the public receives is what they are going to act upon.”

“Over the years, they used their media prepondeuce to hold all of you in chain, in bondage, that today you cannot even speak your mind freely without thinking oh who knows what Yoruba journalist would think of me?”

“They make and they break you. The only person they couldn’t break is me because I know they are nothing. They are beneath us today, tomorrow and forever and ever.”

“Yoruba journalists, there are good brave men in Yoruba land, very brave men. Those men we shall continue to honour, always. But the cowards among them, we shall continue to expose them.”

“Let us take as an example, Nigerians aided by their docile and corrupt media have become natural cowards like the owners of the newspapers themselves, even television is worse.” IPOB leader stated.

“Why do you think majority of Nigerians are useless? When you listen to Channels Tv, what makes you think you will be normal again?” Nnamdi Kanu asked.

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