Zambian Government Clamps Down on Sex Doll

Zambian Government Clamps Down of Sex Doll

The Zambian Government is out to nail sex doll market in the country as it outlaws the business and use of the toys.


The country’s Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili, said that government would come up with regulation to jail sex doll seller and user.


According to him, the buying and selling of sex doll are against the Zambian religion.


He said that it is wrong for anyone to own sex doll, adding that there is a total clamp down on the business of sex doll in the country.


Sumaili, however, explained that nobody had been caught over the sale of sex doll, the government had regulated the activity and would not allow the importation of the toys into the country.


The sales of sex dolls are not banned in some African countries, including Nigeria and South Africa.


There are online markets in the two countries that sell sex doll, which of course are presently having large patronage.


Sumaili also said that the use of sex doll was against African heritage, adding that any human being who wanted to satisfy his or her sexual urge should go and get married.

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