Zimbabwe: Exiled Mnangagwa May Head Interim Govt

Zimbabwe: Exiled Mnangagwa May Head Interim Govt

It has been jubilation in Harare, Zimbabwe after the resignation of President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday.

Zimbabweans trooped to the streets to celebrate the departure of a 93-year-old former guerrilla who had ruled the country for 37 years.

Mugabe tendered his resignation letter after he realized that the country did not want him again.

On Tuesday, only five out of 22 of his cabinet members attended the cabinet meeting while the 17 others joined the parliamentarians to pass a vote of no confidence and of course impeachment on the maximum ruler.

Last week, the army seized power from Mugabe but denied a coup d’état. The Army Generals said that he had put Mugabe under house arrest and had only struck to arrest some criminal elements in the government.

Despite that the army agreed with the president’s demand to have control over the property he acquired during his reign, Mugabe was reluctant to quit.

He drafted his resignation letter but would not tender it until Tuesday when the plan to impeach him gathered momentum.

“He had done the right thing by resigning, he would have been impeached and disgraced out of office,” one of his ministers said.

Meanwhile, it appears the country’s former and exiled vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa may head the interim government as he has been asked to return home.

He may return on Wednesday, his personal assistant, Larry Mavhima said.

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